The Man´s Best
April 2021

Only the best for robust male skin!

True to the successful concept from the first German high-tech brand, MBR Men Oleosome supplies men‘s naturally thicker and tougher skin with everything it needs to look rejuvenated, firmer and better cared for. Today‘s man knows that a well-groomed appearance smoothets the path to success.

The Cream

The Cream contains highly effective ingredients that revitalise your skin and visibly alleviate all signs of tiredness immediately.
• soothes and regenerates the skin after shaving
• leaves you feeling fresh and well groomed
• moisturises in an instant
• boosts the skin‘s barrier function

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The natural balance for the skin
March 2021

ModukineTM – the unique active ingredient which repairs the barrier function.
The organic milk peptide, consisting of at least 10 amino acids, repairs the damaged lipid barrier and regulates the cornification process of atopic skin. The products with the active ingredient ModukineTM are suitable for all skin types and counteract inflammatory processes in the skin at cellular level. The itchiness and skin redness associated with skin issues are reduced and the lipid barrier, plus normal skin function, are restored.

ModukineTM Body Lotion
An excellent, soothing protective lotion against irritation, which acts against unpleasant effects on the skin, reduces itching and prevents skin irritation.

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Anti-Blue-Light Power
February 2021

Blue light rays, such as those emitted by smartphones, computers or tablets, not only damage our eyes but also accelerate skin ageing. The blue light penetrates deeper into the skin than UV-A rays, which can cause oxidative stress and irreparable cell damage. Current studies show that just one hour of mobile phone use is enough to activate premature ageing of the skin.

Blue-Light Power Cream
An extraordinary face cream with a filter to remove blue light and protect the skin against damage caused by artificial light.

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THE BEST Home Set – Limited Edition
January 2021

UNIQUENESS – INDIVIDUALITY – SUSTAINABILITY, that’s what MBR stands for. This is particularly expressed by our two lines Pure Perfection 100 N® and Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST. MBR would like to spoil you with an exclusive home set for treatment at home, limited to 200 pieces. THE BEST Home Set is a unique combination of the most effective products from both lines.
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A touch of luxury for your hands
June 2020

Our hands speak their own language, and they give away a lot about us and our age. Give your hands the care they deserve. The extraordinary hand cream THE BEST Hand combines highly efficient active ingredients. It protects and intensely nurtures your skin while reducing pigmentation and age spots. Treat yourself to the feeling of well-groomed and protected hands.

Bring a little bit of luxury to your purse: secure our exclusive special offer now. Order something from our Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST range (see below for qualifying order prices) and receive an exclusive gift.

• Orders worth EUR 500 or more come with a free THE BEST Hand cream (15 ml) worth EUR 102.

• Orders worth EUR 1,000 or more come with a free THE BEST Hand cream (50 ml) worth EUR 246.

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The new unexpected hair perfection
February 2020

Thinning, dull and brittle hair – that’s why we have expanded our Pure Perfection 100 N® line with two hair care products.

Hair & Scalp Shampoo
This strengthening shampoo with the power of keratin strengthens the hair structure from the root to give extra-fine hair more volume.

Hair & Scalp Conditioner
This nourishing conditioner strengthens your hair, leaving it thick and shiny. The perfect companion for our Hair & Scalp Cleansing Shampoo.

Then uses Hair & Scalp Booster to prevents hair loss and vitalises and strengthens your roots and scalp.

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Because you only have one skin
April 2019

Sun inspires a zest for life, activity, relaxation and rest. It has a distinct impact on our well-being, but we all know that excessive exposure damages our skin.
Sufficient protection is important, even during the first days of spring, as the sun slowly becomes brighter.

MBR medical SUN care® is our effective sun protection range that offers the right care for any skin type.

Buy two MBR sun products NOW to get our handy medical SUN care® beach bag for free.

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New, New, New … THE BEST
March 2019

Ageing skin – a problem as old as mankind.

Modern technologies and innovative research make this dream come true now. Visions give rise to innovation.

Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST with the MBR® FibroBoost Complex, developed exclusively for MBR® expands its range with three new high-quality products.

THE BEST Night Mask
An extraordinarily powerful, targeted cream mask that reaches the deepest layers of the skin and unfolds its activating effect over night.
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THE BEST Golden Eye Patches
Extraordinarily potent, targeted Eye Patches of 24-carat gold for the eye area, which give the skin a sensationally radiant look.
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THE BEST Hair Boost
Uniquely powerful, targeted hair serum for fuller, stronger hair.
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NEW! MEN Oleosome Shampoo
February 2019


Men tend to wash their hair every day: after training, because of styling products or simply because they are used to it. Haircare should be uncomplicated, just like everything else.
MEN Oleosome Hair & Care is the ultimate, gentle hair and scalp care product for modern men – because confident men take care of their hair.

Hair & Care is a nourishing, mild shampoo for everyday use. It leaves the hair smooth, strong and hydrated.

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Mask highlights

Fancy a mask today?

Sheet masks are true magicians in the bathroom: just put them on and enjoy their miraculous effects after ten minutes.
MBR has the right option for any product range. Unique sheet masks in sachets for every product range. Professional results at an outstanding level.

Vital Liquid Mask – The energising moisture mask

CytoLine® Firming Liquid Mask – The smoothing moisture mask

Pure Perfection 100 N®
Perfect Liquid Mask – The extraordinary skincare mask

ContinueLine med®
ContinueLine Sensitive Liquid Mask – The gentle moisture mask

medical SUN care®
After SUN Liquid Mask – The care plus after sunbathing

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