Cell-Power Lipo Peel
March 2023

While many pamper the face with appropriate care, the use of body scrubs is neglected.

For the perfect complexion and a fresh skin appearance, one thing is very important: the old skin flakes must be removed. They look unsightly and even prevent the full effect of skin care products because they simply cannot penetrate deeply enough.

Why should you use a body scrub?

The top layer of skin renews itself after about four weeks. You can support this process with a peeling.
It stimulates blood circulation and, by cleansing the pores, allows skin care products to penetrate deep into all cells, thus stimulating cell renewal.

The result: The skin feels soft and supple and looks fresh and healthy again.


Get our exclusive Cell-Power Lipo-Peel body scrub now at a special price.

With the combination of plant lipids and selected sugar and salt crystals, the peeling gently cleanses and removes superficial deposits, leaving the skin visibly more even, soft and supple.


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