The Limited Anti-Aging Body Care Set
March 2023

With BioChange® Anti-Ageing BODY CARE, MBR®, the anti-ageing specialist, offers a customised body care programme that is fast and uncomplicated and whose effectiveness is immediately noticeable. With our exclusive “Body Shaping Set” you get the perfect system for your daily body care. The tailor-made body care set leads to a completely new steps to a completely new body feeling.

Get the limited edition body shaping set now!

Step 1

Cell-Power Lipo Shower Gel
Bath and shower gel with replenishing lipids for cleansing, nourishing and revitalising the body.
• Particularly mild cleansing, gentle on skin fat
• Replenishing lipids provide care and protection and prevent the skin from drying out
• Has a refreshing and revitalising effect


Step 2

Cell-Power Lipo Peel
An exclusive body scrub, developed on the basis of valuable herbal lipids and carefully selected
sugar and salt crystals.
• Cleans and gently removes superficial deposits
• Increases the capacity for absorbing active ingredients
• Massages and refines the skin by way of fine and delicate melting crystals



Step 3

Cell-Power Firming Body Lotion
Smoothing, firming lotion which endows the body with new contours and firmness.
• Supports tissue formation and stimulates collagen synthesis
• Increases skin firmness and elasticity
• Moisturises the skin

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