Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate
August 2018


Our face is not the only part of us that needs help fighting wrinkles and retaining its elasticity. The décolletage and bosom require special care to keep lines and sagging at bay. Over the years, the connective tissue in the breasts weakens. It becomes less resilient and the first creases begin to form.

But there’s no need to worry! The right skincare routine can keep your décolletage attractive and alluring for years to come. Three main factors contribute to the beauty and firmness of your décolletage and bosom:

A healthy lifestyle, sufficient exercise, and the right skincare products. The more blood flow there is in your skin and connective tissue and the more you exercise your pectoral muscles, the more beautiful the shape of the chest.

Did you know?
Scientific studies have found that gentle, circular motions can slightly firm the breasts. The intensive firming provided by BioChange® Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate. boosts this effect. It is a supportive, caring, invisible bra that regenerates your cells, improves the firmness of your skin and prevents premature sagging.

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