The MBR SUN GUIDE SYSTEM allows even sun worshippers to enjoy the sun without a care and acquire a beautiful, even and, above all, safe tan.

The MBR UVA/UVB PROTECTION SYSTEM is made up of innovative filters, which provide unprecedented effectiveness in sun protection. The new broad-spectrum filters are exceptionally photo-stable and are characterized by the highest level of protection achievable in accordance with the latest EU standard. Unlike conventional filters, which only provide protection from UVB rays, the MBR UVA/UVB PROTECTION SYSTEM achieves the highest possible level of protection against dangerous UVA rays. A large part of the sun’s rays are immediately reflected by or distributed over the skin, while the rest are absorbed. The product creates a protective layer on the skin to provide long-lasting protection. medical SUN care® thereby provides active protection against sun-induced aging of the skin, reduces the risk of skin cancer and protects against pigmentation spots and wrinkles caused by the sun.

The balanced MBR CARE/REPAIR SYSTEM cares for and regenerates the skin even while it is exposed to the sun. Selected active complexes moisturize dry skin. The moisture capacity of the skin is improved and increased, while minor unevennesses are repaired. High-quality caring substances effectively soothe, relax and moisturize stressed skin, making it feel silky-smooth and giving it a transparent mattified appearance.

The intelligent MBR CELL DEFENSE SYSTEM stimulates the skin’s natural defenses and actively counteracts sun-induced skin damage. The versatile system works to protect from cell damage and improve cell regeneration.

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