Highlights for your hair and lashes
June 2018

Our hair gives away a lot about us. It represents us and grants others insights into our personality. Healthy, strong hair exudes good health and vitality. But women’s concern for their hair does not stop with the tresses on their heads. All women dream of long, full, voluminous eyelashes.
MBR has developed two sensational products to help them shine with fuller, healthier hair and naturally stunning lashes.

Pure Perfection 100 N® Hair & Scalp Booster

The extra boost for your hair and scalp
An innovative hair booster that prevents hair loss and vitalises and strengthens your roots and scalp. Daily care for thicker, healthier hair.

BioChange® Eyelash Booster

Cast your most seductive glances
A strengthening and nurturing boosting serum for long, dense and voluminous lashes and bold eyebrows.

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